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PhD in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences (anticipated), Princeton University.

Adviser: Stephen Griffies.

Project: Surface quasigeostrophic turbulence with variable stratification.

Summer 2019

Fellow of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Advisers: Ali Mashayek and Geoff Stanley.

Project: Sensitivity of the deep overturning circulation to Southern Ocean westerly winds.


Master of Arts in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University.

Adviser: Stephen Griffies.

Project: Tides, wind, and the Antarctic Slope Current.


Bachelor of Science with Honors in Mathematical Physics, University of Alberta.


  1. Lagrangian transport by vertically confined internal wavepackets.
  2. Dynamics of a rolling ball in a central potential.
  3. Analysis of bubble chamber images from PICO-2L.


  1. Bruce Sutherland.
  2. Vakhtang Putkaradze.
  3. Carsten Krauss.

Select Awards

2020: Princeton Energy and Climate Scholar.

2019: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Fellow (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).

2017: Centennial Fellowship in the Natural Sciences and Engineering (Princeton University).

2017: Dean’s Silver Medal in Science (University of Alberta).

2015–2017: Three NSERC USRAs.